Client Testimonials

In my opinion, UKDP is a top Deed Poll service provider, one of the best. The staff are professional, the company is professional, and the deeds are professional.

Thank you for all the deeds I have ordered, and I have ordered a lot!

Thank you for not judging me and being professional.

What can I say ... It's been a pleasure ... Thank you UKDP.

Happy Customer, England. June 2019

Thank you so much for the fast and stress free change from my married name back to my original name.

I am very grateful. Everything was laid out clear and easy to understand. The papers returned 2 days later. I was amazed it happened so fast and without stress.

Many thanks again.

Ingrid K., London. February 2019

I wanted to change my surname to my middle name and take on my husbands name. I had been looking at very complicated processes which appeared to take a long time, ie weeks, I saw a comment on Mumsnet regarding UK Deed Poll and they seemed by far the simplest and had very good reviews.

Very speedy too and the fact you can call them back if you have any issues with recognised authorities accepting the deed gave me confidence. I filled in the online form on the Thursday or Friday and received my pack on the Saturday morning.

Thank you.

A C Lee, England. January 2019

I would like to say massive thank you.

It is very helpful. I have recommended to my friend already. 😊🙂

Fen Wang, Liverpool. November 2018

Thank you very much for the quick change of my name.

It was quick paper work as well.

Well done.

S. Brown, Kent. September 2018

Thank you very much for this service.

It was such smooth transition. I needed it for driving licence and was done super quick.

Thank you team.

C. Pataki, Somerset. August 2018

Thank you for providing such an excellent service.

I applied for a deed poll to change my name completely and was surprised as to how quick I received it. Literally the next morning. It was a straight forward process.

Thank you once again, very happy :)

A. Sadiq, Birmingham. July 2018

This was a really easy and very quick service. Would definitely recommend to anyone wishing to use it in the future.

Thanks for you help.

J. Judd, Bristol. May 2018

Quick and easy service which made my life so much easier to amend my name.

Definitely recommend them!

A. Malyan, Exeter. April 2018

I would recommend your services to anyone as it was a fast process and straightforward.

Many Thanks.

Diana N Slip, West Sussex. November 2017

I really liked your fast deed poll service.

Thank you so much.

Daniel Nathan, Switzerland. October 2017

I was very satisfied with service provided by UK Deed Poll.

The online form is so quick and easy to understand. I had my paperwork the very next day - very happy with the whole process.

Thank you!

Megha Dave, Leicester. September 2017

Thank you, everything was fine.

Joe McIntyre, Germany. September 2017

Thank you.

Everything went smoothly and I would definitely recommend your services to anyone.

Nisar Ahmad, Luton. August 2017

I was surprised how quick and smooth the transaction was to changing my name.

I'm so happy with the service provided.

Thank you.

Angie B., Haverfordwest. August 2017

I am very satisfied.

Iren Nagy, London. July 2017

So far the Deed Poll worked for all my children's paper work.

Thanks very much.

Kingsley & Anna, Edinburgh. July 2017

Thank you for your speedy and professional service. I have already recommended your service!!

Once again thank you so much.

Mr M.P.Power, Birmingham. June 2017

I would highly recommend this process. It was straightforward and I received the certificate very quickly.

Thank you.

Henrietta Pokuah, Essex. June 2017

I would like to say a massive thank you for the efficiency of changing my name and the trouble and hassle free process ...

Thank you again, UK Deed Poll.

Very happy customer of your service.

KM, Hampshire. May 2017

All I can say is that if l had known how quick and simple it was I would have changed my name years ago!!

Thanks again.

Anne Davies-Hodgson, West Yorkshire. April 2017

My son's change of name went smoothly. It was quick, efficient and professional.

I would have no problem recommending your services.

Aisha Shehu, Surrey. April 2017

Very happy with the service and how quickly the documents were recieved.

Would recommend using this service.

Laura Feltz, West Yorkshire. March 2017

Excellent service and very fast. Does what it says on the tin.

Well done.

Manmohan Panda, Hertfordshire. March 2017

Found the process very easy, couldn't believe how easy it was.

Papers arrived very quickly and well packaged.

Brilliant service - I would recommend to anyone.

Paula McCue, Aberdeenshire. February 2017

Excellent service and so fast.

Many thanks.

Danielle Coles, Selby. January 2017

I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to change my name.

Thank you very much for your very professional service.

Jacqueline Darnborough, Hampshire. December 2016

I found the Deed Poll process very quick, smooth and easy.

I got my Deed very quickly and then began changing my details for all my official documents with ease!

Amirah Zaman, London. November 2016

I found your service absolutely exceptional.

I applied one afternoon and had the document the very next day. Amazing service.

Thank you.

P. Salcedas Beaton, Stirling, Scotland. October 2016

Have just received the Deed of Change of Name.

Thank you for your excellent service and patience. Should I have any further questions I shall not hesitate to accept your offer of help.

Thank you.

Janneke Stewart, Germany. October 2016

Initially I called for advice regarding changing my child's name. I followed the advice and within the week the paperwork was through.

A very quick and efficient service. Real value for money.

Thank you.

Lorna F., Dunfermline. September 2016

It was easy to apply and very quick. No worries.

Thank you!

Stuart Ford, Norfolk. August 2016

Thankyou so much! I thought changing my son's name after such emotional few years of abuse and unsettlment would cost the me the last of my money, would be time consuming and would be emotionally draining. I couldn't have been more wrong.....

So easy,

So professional,

So quick,

And I still had change in my purse to treat my son.

There was NO stress at all......thankyou, thankyou!!

N. Walters, Northampton. August 2016

I want to give a massive 'Thank You' for all at the Deed Poll UK centre as I had NO idea the whole process would be dealt with so very quickly, professionally and the paperwork accepted by just about all government agencies I have had to contact. Even the fussy HMRC.

I really am very happy indeed with your service and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this service to anyone.

Again, thank you all so very much.

Vee Andrews, Scotland. July 2016

Thanks for your help. Absolutely helpful by the way.

Thanx alot.

Saeed Qaladze, Peterborough. July 2016

My experience with UK Deed Poll was great - a simple, fast service. No complicated jargon or major hoops to jump through.

I recommend using them.

Virginia F., London. July 2016

I had a positive experience ordering from UK Deed Poll. My order came quickly and discretely and I have had success with using it since.

Elijah B., Northamptonshire. June 2016

Thank you so so much for your efficiency.

Very impressed with your services.

Michelle Lombard, Oxfordshire. June 2016

I was thoroughly pleased as to how simple and straightforward the entire process with UKDP was - for a name change. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wanted to undertake the same.

Thank you.

Rohith D., Switzerland. May 2016

Thank you for your fast and accurate conclusion to my request. Completed exactly as I had requested it and in good time.

Thank you once again.

Alan Jackson Dougan, Australia. May 2016

I was very pleased with how quick I recieved my Deed Poll back.

Thank you.

Karen Nuttall, Lincolnshire. April 2016

The system was quick. Efficient and answering to questions was easy.

A great service.

Thank you.

Stuart Leigh, Devon. April 2016

Fantastic service. Very, very simple and straight forward. Uncomplicated service and completely on-point. I was extremely impressed with the whole process.

You cannot go wrong at all by using this company and this service.

Thank you for your assistance.

Folasayo J., Nottingham. March 2016

I was very happy with the service.

The form was very clear, we paid the money and the next day I received all the documents. Service was very quick.

Melissa Krantz, London. February 2016

This was a very clear and easy process.

Uncomplicated and extremely quick.

Strongly recommend.

Elaine Raghavan, Bournemouth. February 2016

All I can say is thank you for the great way my application was handled.

The service was amazing. I made a mistake on my application and this was also dealt with efficiently. So hassle free. Friendly and efficient receptionist too.

Keep up the good work.

Amanda D., Bracknell. January 2016

Excellent service, very quick and easy!

Many thanks.

Francesca Tyler, London. January 2016

I would like to thank you for the speedy response to my Deed Poll request. Had the documents the following day. All organisations, work etc have now changed my name. No issues at all.

I would advise ordering a second copy as some places will only accept the original. Saying that the majority accepted copy by email.

Many thanks.

Marie Lee, Oxfordshire. December 2015

Excellent service. I wasn't expecting it to be that easy.

Many, many thanks.

Zain Al-Hajj, Liverpool. December 2015

It was dealt with very swiftly and professionally, a commendable service indeed!

Joanna D., London. December 2015

Great service. Very quick. Thanks.

Sudid Aljaaf, Worcester. November 2015

Service is brilliant. Couldn't believe how quick you got the document to me so I could start my new job.

Thank you to all the staff.

Christopher Welsh, North Ayrshire. November 2015

I found the system very easy to use and received my documents quickly.

Very good service.

Thank you.

Nicola Jackets, Essex. November 2015

Great service. Was very easy to apply for. Had it signed by my solicitor the day it arrived and then changed all my documents that day, bank etc.

Will recommend to people I know.

Lacey Wiltshire, Caerphilly. October 2015

Was extremely pleased with the service. I had several queries in the run-up to my application and repeatedly received very quick responses. I was also impressed with how comprehensive the answers were.

Many thanks.

Isabelle T., London. October 2015

The system was easy to use and the documents came through really quickly.

Ruth Stacey, Reading. October 2015

Brilliant, fast, efficient service.

Thank you.

Alex Smith, Scotland. September 2015

Excellent service. Very fast.

Well done.

Rebar Hamza, Staffordshire. September 2015

I was very dubious about changing my name back after my divorce as I thought it was going to be a hassle. I couldn't have been more wrong!

It was fantastic. The service I received was brilliant, fast and it couldn't have gone better.

Thank you so much for a pain free service.

Ms Erin Crocker, Bedfordshire. September 2015

Very quick and simple process to follow.

Thank you.

Mandi Anyangwe, Birmingham. September 2015

Thank you for a brilliant service.

Lee Watson, London. August 2015

Your service was smooth, fast and efficient. It was easy to complete the on-line application.

I received my Deed Poll name change quickly with additional information regarding letters to accompany my name changes and a list of possible agencies I would need to inform.

Madeleine Hodgson, Cheshire. August 2015

I'm very happy overall with service. It was very quick and efficient.

Thank you.

A A Mahmoud, Leicester. August 2015

Changing my daughter's name was very quick and efficient. Am very happy with the overall service.

Many thanks!

Tara H., Hants. July 2015

Super fast service - so easy to complete. Document arrived two days later.

Highly recommend.

Carol Hamilton, West Lothian. July 2015

Quick and easy.

Couldn't beleive how easy this was to change my name by Deed Poll. I ordered 5 more copies and they came the next day as did the original.

Highly recommend - which I did to a friend who has also received her copy.

Danielle Broad, Nottingham. June 2015

I was surprised how quick and efficient the service was. It took only 2 days to receive the documents.

I highly recommend UK Deed Poll. 10/10.

Jason D., Surrey. June 2015

The process of changing my name by Deed Poll was simple and quick. Receipt of my official Deed Poll was fast.

If only the changing of my name on all the services was as easy.

Mark Shirley, Bristol. June 2015

Very quick to receive Deed Poll back. Everything run smoothly.

Would highly recommend UKDP.

David Martin, Scotland. May 2015

My name change was a smooth one and UKDP was very helpful.

Thank you for your service.

Caitlynn Alexander, Glasgow. May 2015

Well I finally was told about your website via my solicitor....and what do you know ..I couldn't believe it all my problems solved.

Very quick and very easy to use your on line Deed Poll application,and time it took from start to receiving my document was first class.Thank you so much.

Excellent 5 ***** rating from me.

L Gregory, Leeds. May 2015

Your service is very fast and efficient. I was impressed that my paperwork arrived the day after I completed the on-line application.

Overall, I was very happy. Thank you.

Lorna Flanagan, Fife. April 2015

Your service was efficient, smooth and timely mannered.

I will definitely recommend your service to any overseas British citizen who needs to change his/her name.

Iman Wael Mansour Fahmy, Egypt. April 2015

I didn't know your website existed so am pleased it came up when I googled a question about changing my name.

The process was so easy with very clear instructions. So much so that, one minute I was asking google a question and the next, my name was changed. Wow! Thank you.

There was even advice on who needed to be contacted following the name change. So impressive. The only comment I can give is, I didn't spot anywhere that told me I needed to get the deed signed and witnessed once I received it. I might have missed that if it's there though.

All in all, great service, so easy, no messing, brilliant!

Dawn Brooks, West Yorkshire. March 2015

The service from UKDP was brilliant, efficient and easy to use.

I changed my name ahead of my wedding to my wife's surname and my deed poll has been accepted everywhere I've sent it.

I would recommend this company to anyone thinking of changing their name who doesn't want a hassle along with it.

Simon B, Southampton. March 2015

Was very happy with how quick it was all done.

I would like to say a big thank you!

R.L. Houari, Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates. February 2015

Was very happy with how quick it was all done.

I would like to say a big thank you.

Matthew James, Glasgow. February 2015

Thank you for your excellent service to make this a smooth transition of name change.

Received updates and arrived very swiftly. Cannot fault your service.

Again thank you so much.

Patricia Newton, Essex. February 2015

Thanks for a very cost effective, efficient, quick and reliable service provided by UKDP.


Hamid Maqbool, Barking. January 2015

I am more than happy with the service of UK Deed Poll.

It was easy to follow, easy to pay and easy to understand.


Nicola Clarke, Oldham. January 2015

Thanks for a very cost effective, efficient, quick and reliable service provided by UKDP.


M. Rashid, Greater London. January 2015

Following my recent marriage I was applying to change my the name on my passport. I was initially taken aback to read online that the marriage certificate was not enough if I wanted to use my previous surname (Justice) as well as my new married name to be known as Maureen Justice-Robertson. It was probably late on the Sunday when I reluctantly clicked on the Deed Poll link and discovered that it was actually quite easy to complete.

I was amazed when in the post on Wednesday 25th November, just 3 days later, the paperwork came through and once I had signed it , the change of name was complete! It really was do easy and hassle free!

Maureen Justice-Robertson, Southport. December 2014

Very happy, thank you.

Lesya Grynyshak, Manchester. December 2014

Ridiculously speedy service - arrived within 2 days!

Very satisfied.

Caroline Sabberton, Hertfordshire. November 2014

I couldn't believe how quick and easy the whole process was. All the information on the website and in the pack were so helpful.

Jemma Warren, Greater London. November 2014

I expected changing my name to be a challenging and time-consuming process. However, it was all very straightforward and plenty of support and information was supplied.

Jacqueline Carlton-Sorrell, Coventry. November 2014

Very pleased with my name change, quick and easy to do.

Driving licence, bank etc changed with no problems whatsoever. Had this site recommended to me by my sister and I would definitely recommend it to others! Price is very reasonable too.

Thank you.

Mrs.Kelly Gaston, Doncaster. October 2014

Quick, easy, efficient service.

Thank you.

P. Wells, Australia. October 2014

Very happy, thank you.

Lesya Grynyshak, Manchester. December 2014

Ridiculously speedy service - arrived within 2 days!

Very satisfied.

Caroline Sabberton, Hertfordshire. November 2014

I couldn't believe how quick and easy the whole process was. All the information on the website and in the pack were so helpful.

Jemma Warren, Greater London. November 2014

I thought the process was simple and efficient, the website was easy to navigate, the cost was extremely reasonable, and the guidance was helpful.

Canít fault it in any way!

Becky Hutley, Northumberland. October 2014

Very simple process and very quick, thank you.

Victoria Lowes, Scotland. October 2014

I have to say it was such an easy and smooth operation. The application form was quick and simple to complete. I received my pack within 48 hours of paying.

Excellent service.

Tracey H., Kent. October 2014

I am very happy with the service I received from UK Deed Poll.

I applied at 5pm and I received the papers at 11am next day. So easy, almost too easy! I have wanted to change my son's name since he was a few weeks old and he is now 10. I thought it would be much harder.

Thank you.

Jo Sheridan, London. October 2014

Would just like to thank you for an excellent service.

Ordered my Deed Poll before 1pm and it was here the next day.

Thanks very much!

Charleigh Moreno, London. September 2014

It took me so long to get round to changing my name as I always assumed it would be a lengthy and complicated process.

I ordered my documents one afternoon and they came the next morning. Very efficient process which couldn't have been more simple.

Thank you.

C. Stanley, Argyll, Scotland. September 2014

Why did I always assume this was a lengthy and complicated process? Couldn't have been easier and was not as expensive as I had anticipated.

Delighted. Highly recommended!

Lynn Griffiths, South Ayrshire. August 2014

Surprised by the speed and ease of the whole process. Was very simple and I would definitely recommend this service.

Samantha C., London. August 2014

I used your service to change my name so that it could be double-barrelled after getting married. The process was quite straight forward. I have already managed to change my name at the bank using the Deed Poll I ordered from you and it was accepted with no problems.

Thank you for doing all the hard work printing out the documents and supplying useful extra information and guidelines along with the documents, it made the whole process of changing name a fast, smooth and easy one.

Lisa Sear, Hertfordshire. August 2014

I thought changing my name was going to be a complicated process. But it was so simple. I changed name online 3pm, and the documents came through the post the very next morning.

The service was so fast and efficient. I was amazed.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Ann Devlin, Wiltshire. July 2014

This was an easy and quick service to help change my name through marriage.

The guidelines of who to contact to inform of the change was also very useful.

SJ Sousa-Plume, Suffolk. July 2014

Thank you so much for the fast and smooth service. It has made me so much happier.

I would recommend to anyone who would like to have their name changed.

Benn Turley, Dartford. June 2014

I would like to say thank you very much for making this process so easy. I didnít think changing a name could be so simple.

Very Happy.

Julie J., Oxfordshire. June 2014

I'm very happy with the process. It was clear, straightforward and efficient.

Thank you.

Sharon Davies, Wiltshire. May 2014

I am extremely happy with the whole process. So incredibly easy and quick. I would have done it years ago if I had known it would be so easy.

Thank you so much.

Gerry M., Scotland. April 2014

I'm very pleased with your services through the internet. Your website was very helpful and it was so simple. It didn't take much of my time as it explained how to do so by simple instructions on how to change or add name/s.

I would recommended this service to anyone I know and I was very pleased with how fast it was.

Thank you for your excellent job!

Zulfa Gichini, Manchester. March 2014

I am so pleased with your service .... Thx.

Rekha Chander, Glasgow. March 2014

Thank you very much for a very good job.

I am very happy.

M. Parwani, Harrow. March 2014

Excellent quick service. Documents arrived in 2 days.

Would definitely recommend this service to anyone who needs to change their name with ease.

Many thanks for the great efficient service.

Alison F., Perth. February 2014

Thank you for your help.

This was a really easy process, very smooth. I was very happy with it.

Marianne Mohamed Ahmed, Berkshire. January 2014

Great help from all your team and got my sonís name changed. It was very easy to do.

I would definitely recommend to other people in my situation :)

Amber Wears, Tyne and Wear. October 2013

Very good service. Was quick and simple.

Would recommend to everyone.

Very happy.

Eve Waller, Milton Keynes. September 2013

I got my deed poll sent through in 2 days, just like it says. The process was very smooth. For changing all my details, the information on the back of the pamphlet is very useful and takes the stress out of the situation.

I would recommend this site to anyone wishing to change their name by Deed Poll.

Many thanks!

Fiveone Munro, Scotland. September 2013

I rang the Deed Poll and the young lady was very helpful.

Made my payment over the phone. Received in a couple of days.

Peter Cockburn, Berkshire. September 2013

Thank you for the excellent service.

The change over went really well and the document that came with it advising what was needed to send to all the different organisations was really helpful.

Hayley Birt, Leicestershire. August 2013

Thank you so much for the quick and efficient way that you handled my name change.

It was so much easier than I had expected! I found the supporting materials to be helpful, especially the sample letter!

Shirley Robins, Scotland. August 2013

Quick and simple.

Michael McKellar, Grimsby. July 2013

Your service was excellent, second to none. The process worked out extremely favourable to me, and I have no complaints at all.

Keep up the good work.

Charlene Kawanza, Middlesex. July 2013

It was a fast turnaround. Quick and easy to do.

Thank you!

Stephanie Goulden, Stoke-On-Trent. July 2013

I am very satisfied with my experience of Deed Poll, both the website and the customer service phone line.

I wanted to change my name to my married name, as I live in Italy and they have no way of allowing anyone to do such a thing here. I had to do this in a hurry, as I needed to renew my UK passport before it expired.

The website was easily navigable and I was able to find all information. I chose to call to clarify what I needed, just in case. The Customer service representative was well informed, and very patient with me, understanding exactly what the issue. I felt confident I could book my passport renewal, and would have all documents required. The Deedpoll certificate arrived promptly and was easy to fill out correctly. The cost of the service is reasonable and I would recommend it to anyone .

Joanna Mallin-Davies, Italy. June 2013

Thank you so much for your easy and efficient service.

It really was so much easier than I expected to change my son's surname so that we now all have the same family name. It came with a great advice sheet, and so quick through the post too!

Thanks again for the great service.

Sarah Oliver, Southampton. May 2013

An excellent next day service.

Would thoroughly recommend.

Lisa Goodall, West Sussex. May 2013

Nice and easy. Arrived alot quicker than I expected.

Steven Horsburgh, Cornwall. April 2013

Excellent service. Highly recommended.

Have had no problems whatsoever, deeds of name changes have been accepted for replacement UK passports.

I am a very happy customer. Thank you :)

Kelly Evitt, Manchester. April 2013

I found UK Deed Poll very quick and easy. The staff on the phone were also very helpful when I rang with an enquiry.

Many thanks.

Rachel Valinskey-Miller, Greater London. April 2013

My deed poll application was so straightforward. It was refreshing for something to be pain free and professionally handled, especially after the upsetting process of getting divorced.

Thank you.

Katie Mallinson, West Yorkshire. April 2013

Very pleased with the ease and speed of this service. The Customer Services team responded quickly and pleasantly to my email enquiries with all the information I needed.

Thank you for helping me make this change so easy.

Lara Thorn, Lincolnshire. April 2013

The service received from UK Deed Poll was professional and friendly; with prompt response and reissue of documents.

The actual application, was easy and straight forward. The "how to instructions" to change details at UK departments was self explanatory and easy to understand.

Package received was compiled and presented in a professional manner, explaining exactly what is required to complete the name/title change.

I will definitely recommend your company to friends, family, colleagues etc

James JL, South Africa. April 2013

I changed my first name on my new passport without any queries at all !

My congratulations go to .... the Customer Service Team for their prompt service and attention !

The UK Deed Poll worked wonderfully !

Dr Alec Honey, West Sussex. April 2013

Really surprised at how easy the whole process was. Excellent service. Would definitely recommend to others.

Fiona Brownell, Hampshire. March 2013

Very pleased with how quick and easy the whole Deed Poll process was and how much guidance was given in terms of who to notify once you've changed your name.


Lisa L., Cambridge. March 2013

Thank you so much for the excellent service. I was pleasantly surprised that it came the next day after applying for the Change of Name Deed.

I am very happy with the service and will and have recommended it to other people.

Thank you again. I am so happy.

Mrs K Khidhir, Hull. March 2013

The process was incredibly easy and smooth. I was actually surprised at how easy it was.


Mr C Piesina-Blaber, Hampshire. March 2013

Great service and very quick name change!

Thanks, UK Deed Poll.

Daryl Doyle, Northern Ireland. March 2013

The process was incredibly easy and quick.

As I needed to return to my maiden name urgently in order to sign a new job contract and register in a new Country, much was dependent on speed. Even living abroad and out of the EU, the process took less than 3 days from start to finish.

The passport office actually also obliged and completed in less than 2 weeks from start to finish, accepting my Deed Poll document with no hesitation. Thus, a completely satisfied customer.

Ms G Grieve, Switzerland. February 2013

Very helpful service. Recieved the Deed Poll quickly in the post too...very satisfied with the product and service.

Jim Arkham, Bristol. February 2013

A very fast and efficient service. I will tell others about the excellent service received.

Thank you.

Malika Irish, Birmingham. February 2013

I found the process of changing my name very easy and found the team very friendly and helpful. I also got the documents very quickly.

Thank you.

Mirion Glas, Switzerland. February 2013

I found the entire process wonderful!

It was very easy, efficient, and almost unbelievably fast. I have nothing but praise.

Kaley F., London. February 2013

UK deed Poll did an outstanding job for me.

I was a bit worried as I was told I had to go see a solicitor and we all know their services are not cheap. In fact a friend of mine paid £150 using a solicitor. UK Deed Poll explained everything in simple English and they are very efficient. I made the application on Friday night and on Tuesday I received the paper work.

No hassles, straight forward and they even give you a list of organisations you need to contact and a standard sample letter as well. I will most definitely recommend them.

Thank you so much.

Vinvy Freeman, Luton. February 2013

I found the service from UK Deed Poll excellent.

It was easy to fill in the information needed and I received the documentation very quickly indeed.

Thank you so very much for such an efficient service.

Mikaila Teare, Essex. February 2013

Changing my title and surname through UK Deed Poll was very quick, easy and a lot cheaper than I imagined.

I had been putting it off for months as I thought it would be a long, difficult and expensive process. I was very pleasantly surprised!!

Many thanks :-)

Tracey Batsford, Bristol. February 2013

Quick and efficient service - thank you.

Louise L., Surrey. January 2013

I just wanted to say thank you to all involved in my daughter's name change.

It was fast and simple and made a very hard decision very easy! Thank you.

Emma K., Bracknell. January 2013

One of the easiest legal documents I have ever had the 'pleasure' to complete.

Hassle free, easy to understand, and very quickly arrived through my door.

Thank you very much.

J. Gransby, Hertfordshire. January 2013

Excellent service! Very helpful when I called. Documents arrived next day.

No problems changing my name, at the bank or changing my driving licence, back to my own name even though not divorced yet. Only one regret, I wish I had done it sooner!

Kerry P., Scotland. January 2013

Excellent service. I made a mistake on the form online and then emailed to change details. Despite my error, I received my documents quickly and correctly completed! Staff very helpful too!

I would recommend this service to friends :)

Mrs A S Sharp, Glasgow. January 2013

My children's Deed Polls are fantastic! It was easy to do online and they came very quick.

Thank you.

Sonia Beale, Warwickshire. December 2012

Extremely easy and quick service!

I was surprised by how easy and pain free the whole process was.

Josie da Costa, London. December 2012

Very satisfied with the service. It was swift and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend the company to anybody else.

Joanna Y., West Bromwich. October 2012

Name change went smoothly. If there was anything I needed, all I had to do was just phone and I could speak to someone and got a positive answer.


Mark Lennett, Cheltenham. October 2012

The service was quick. Rang on the Wednesday and the document came Thursday. No hassle.

Thank you.

Adele Fields, West Yorkshire. October 2012

I received a fantastic service. Filled the forms in online Monday at 4pm and received the Deed Polls the very next day. Went straight to children's school, then doctors and had their names changed there and then.

We are all overjoyed and never realised it was so easy. Thanks so much

Michelle Eden, Norwich. September 2012

Thanks for making this process quick and easy. The name change was a stress free process.

Sharon P., Caerphilly, Wales. September 2012

To change my name by Deed Poll was really very easy. Made the application on line and got fast service!

Thank you!

Mary Lovisa Eiser, London. September 2012

I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was to change my name after getting married. I did it all online while on honeymoon and by the time I got back from my holiday, the paperwork had already arrived in the post!

Excellent service and I can't believe how quick and easy it was to do this. If only more service companies were like this!

Thank you.

C Lueken, Greater London. July 2012

The Customer Service Team was very helpful, courteous and supplied me with the correct information.

The application was so easy and quick. It took me nearly a week to believe that it was done. My German wife could not believe how easy it was for me to add her name to my existing surname creating a somewhat long triple-barrelled surname.

Thank you very much for a great professional service.

Ralf Albertsen-Hickson-Brown, Germany. July 2012

Absolutely amazing service. Cannot actually believe how quick and easy it was as well as reasonably priced!

Exceptionally happy!!

Gemma Berry, Glasgow. June 2012

The service was wonderful and so quick. The process is easy to understand. I am delighted and I will recommend others.

Abdur Razzak, London. June 2012

This service is fabulous. I applied one day and had the paperwork the very next day. I can't think of any other service that can process so quickly.

Well done!!

Shona Taylor, South Lanarkshire. May 2012

Brilliant and hustle free service!

Documents arrived very quickly! Cost me next to nothing to get solicitor to sign the copy. Got my new passport with no issues.

Tatiana Lyapunova, Essex. May 2012

My name change was so smooth and easy; within a week everyone that needed to be informed was informed, and forms and copies that you sent out to me were easy to understand.

The quickest service I have ever experienced.

Thank you again.

Victoria B., Dorset. May 2012

Thank you for an easy, fast and pleasant experience whilst changing my daughters name.

The web site is very helpful and easy to use. Very professional, well done.

Will certainly recommend you to anybody that raises the need for deed poll services.

Paul W Griffiths, Ammonford. May 2012

I was very impressed with the whole application process. After struggling to find the "right" documents required to change my passport and driving license after my divorce, this was a godsend.

Highly recommended.

Sarah Taylor, Greater London. May 2012

Changing my name has changed my life in so many ways I donít know where to start. ..... but now that I have changed my name .... it is great!

Thank you Deed Poll.

HP, Scotland. April 2012

I am very happy with my change of name. Had both passport and bank details changed with no problems.

I must say the service you all provide on the net is very good. Keep up the good work. Out of 10, I will give 9.9. Well done.

Vashte Coutts, Hampshire. April 2012

I am delighted with the service we received from your company. You are an excellent business as you've acheived exactly what you said you would and no dissapointment!!!

My son's name is changed and it was simplicity itself. I wish we had done this earlier!

Thank you very much!

Mrs Ahmad, Glasgow. April 2012

I am very satisfied with your service.

I wish all services would be as professional as yours.

Eliza Steffens, London. April 2012

Very pleased with the service. Things have gone smoothly ... so far.

Couldn't believe how reasonable the price was. Would recommend to anyone who needed to change their name for whatever reason.

Thanks so much for your prompt response to my request!

Emma MacDonald-Campbell, Inverness. April 2012

Very happy with the service. Easy to complete online form and very helpful, understanding and friendly on the phone when I made a mistake.

I have now changed my driver's license back to my maiden name without a costly solicitor's letter. Will be recommending to anyone wishing to change their name.

Thanks again for all your help and for making one part of the process of separating, hassle-free and affordable.

Emma M., London. March 2012

I am so pleased with the service. The staff were very helpful when I called and the price is so reasonable.

I am very impressed. My name is now back to my maiden name on EVERYTHING including my passport, even though my divorce is not yet final.


Thanks for all of your help.

Mo Elsby, Turkey. February 2012

I would like to say that I am very pleased with UK Deed Poll.

When I put in my applications for my sons' change of name, the process was so easy and straight forward - you cannot go wrong.

When I presented them to the passport office to renew my sons' passports, everything when through smoothly to my amazement. Within 2 weeks they received their new passports.

Thank you UK Deed Poll for such a simple and effective process. I have already recommended my friends and family members.

Patricia.A Boakye-Yiadom, Essex. February 2012

It was surprisingly easy to change my name and I have felt better since using my maiden name again. If only the separation was this simple.


Jennifer Thomson, Glasgow. January 2012

Easy .. almost too easy! I wish all administrative procedures were that simple.

Many thanks.

Dylan Roi, London. January 2012

Excellent service, thank you.

Paola Ellie, Scotland. January 2012

I, Timothy Masuku, and my family would like to say thank you very much for your fast service. It took us by surprise as we were not expecting it to be so quick.

Your service is excellent keep it up----again, thank you!

Timothy Masuku, West Yorkshire. Januaary 2012

I was impressed by the quick service I received from you.

Many thanks.

Dianne Lumsden, Cyprus . January 2012

I would just like to say a big thank you to all.

It was very easy and quick to change my name. You have been very helpful.

Paula McGarry, Blackburn. January 2012

I couldn't believe how quick, easy and affordable it was to change my name back to my maiden name even though I am not divorced. The easy to use form and instructions were great and within 2 weeks I had my new title and name.

I would definitely recommend this site to anyone I know who is wanting to change their title, name etc.

Thank you for making it so easy :)

Lyndsey Haughey, Hartlepool. December 2011

Extremely smooth and easy process, much more so than we thought it would be. Very straightforward form, completed in minutes.

Glad we took the trouble to do it!

Karen Khan, Exeter. December 2011

The service I received from you was excellent. Fast, efficient and very professional.

Just wish other people were as good as you were.

Ammar Doka, London. December 2011

The best online service I have ever used. So easy and helpful. Really great service, very fast and explained everything I had to do. Great value too.

My name change was completed within no time.

Dex Rimington, Ferryhill, County Durham. December 2011

I would like to thank UK Deed Poll for my change of name. They made it very easy for me to change all my documents. Thanks!

Very good service. I received my Deed Poll within 2 days. So thanks!

Gazmend Kastrati, Penarth. November 2011

Thanks a lot Deed Poll.

I had a quick, simple and very speedy transaction with changing my son's name. You made my worries a light dream!

Abdi Omar, London. November 2011

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I was amazed at the quick response I received when I made my application.

The process was so straightforward and professional that I received the amended article within one week.

I was so impressed that I have recommended this service to my friends and colleagues.

Patricia A Boakye-Yiadom, London. October 2011

Very happy with the prompt service. Website easy to navigate and understand.

Thanks again.

Lou Clark, Barnstaple. October 2011

The forms were very easy to fill out and it went very fast; under 1 week and I had the papers back.

Thank you for a top service.

Ruben Carrington, London. October 2011

My application was handled with the utmost efficiency and I received my Deed Poll copies within a few days. The whole process of changing my documents was easy and took just over a week.

Thank you, UK Deed Poll!

Phoenix Andrews, Brighton. September 2011

I am very satisfied with your service. It is very fast and professional. Thank you.

Eliza L., London. September 2011

Thank you for such an efficient and speedy service. If I had known how easy and stress free it was to change my name, I would have done so 30 years ago.

Cherry P., West Yorkshire. September 2011

Amazingly smooth and stress free. Thank for such an awesomely easy and quick process.

Highly recommended and I wish that I had done it ages ago!

Thank you very much.

Zeli Smith, Germany. August 2011

Thank you very much for the quick easy way to change our surnames by deed poll.

We did it over the phone even though I saw it on the pc. The information booklet which arrived with our documents was very helpful indeed and I was able to tick off the things I had sent and could see easily what had to be photocopied and what needed original documents. The telephone operator who dealt with us was very informative also.

I have already recommended doing this way to several people and we are very happy with the the outcome. Thank You again.

Julie & Martin L., Neath Port Talbot. August 2011

Just wanted to say thank for such an awesomely easy and quick process.

Ivy Silverton, West Sussex. August 2011

I would like to thank you for the fantastic service you gave me.

I thought the process of changing my daughterís name would be a long hard difficult one. I gave the details over the telephone and the document was prepared and delivered within two days.


Dorothy Williamson, Wales. August 2011

Your deed poll has been most helpful and I would be referring your services to other friends of mine who are in the same situation as me.

Thank you very much for your help.

Yokin Oh, Cheshire. August 2011

I really loved the way you work.

You are straight forward and reliable, fast and always at the service of your customers. With this observation, it makes you the best and I will not hesitate to come back to you guys again.

Thanks for your service. It has really helped me a lot. Once again, thanks and continue the good work.

Yvonne L., Southhampton. August 2011

The most fantastic and quickest service!

Thank you for the excellent service you offered me when I was desperately in need of a quick service to sort out my name. Got everything I needed with just a phone call and the following day received the Deed Poll and all my name problems were sorted.

You are fabulous! Keep it up UKDP! YAYI!

Mirriam K., Nottingham. August 2011

I found the service quick and simple to use.

What I thought would be a mind field was made easier by the quick and efficient service I received. Who thought it would be so easy!

Thank you.

C. Mingo, Luton. July 2011

We were really pleased on how professional the service was.

It was easy to use the form and site, and a bonus to get our documents so quickly.

We have been singing your praises!

Stephanie W., London. July 2011

The process of my name change was very smooth and trouble free.

The service was exceptional and I received my legal documents the next day.

Many thanks.

Alison Turner, Sheffield. June 2011

I would like to thank you for the fantastic service you gave me.

I thought the process of changing my daughterís name would be a long hard difficult one. I entered the details on your site had a response within a few hours and the document was delivered the next day.


Josie Miller, London. June 2011

I would like to say thank you for all the help and advice you gave me with changing my daughters surname. I would most certainly recommend your company.

Maria Wynnemorris, Gwynedd. June 2011

Very quick and no problems.

Sandra Geddes, Aberdeenshire. June 2011

The service was excellent, fast and efficient and provided everything it said on the tin.

Sue Pearman, London. May 2011

The process of changing our son's name was trouble free and so far we have not experienced any problems at all.

You provided a professional and high quality service. Thank you!

Anthony Lomas, Hong Kong. May 2011

I found this service to be excellent. A simple application and very smooth and prompt delivery of my deed poll change of name docs, which I have since used as necessary to change my name on all official documents.

Lucy Ogg, London. May 2011

I thought the process was very straight forward and quick. The overall service was excellent and very helpful, I received my documents within days.

Georgina P., London. May 2011

I couldn't believe changing my name was so easy and hassle free. Thank you so much. Very quick and straight forward.

Storm S., Isle of Man. May 2011

I didn't realise that changing your name was so easy.

The information that was sent through arrived within two days. I was expecting this to take weeks so I was really impressed.

The service was easy to use and extremely helpful.

Natalie C., Somerset. April 2011

The name change process was very straightforward and easy to understand. The forms arrived very quickly, the web site was easy to use and the overall service was excellent.

A.B., London. April 2011

My name change has gone very smoothly. Thank You for your help.

Your website is very simple to use and understand. The forms arrived quickly and have been accepted by all the neccessary companies.

I am enjoying my new name and if I ever need to change it again, I will come to you!

Gareth H., Sheffield . March 2011

It was really easy to navigate your website, everything was clear and the speed of your service really surprised me even though I had read the testimonials.It took only a couple of days.

You provide a first class service and I was happy with every aspect of it. Thank you very much.

Michael Dean, Austria. March 2011

The service was quick and efficient. The system is really easy to use and would certainly recommend this site to anyone who requires the services.

Thank you.

Lisa Bentley, Bradford. March 2011

Wow! I like it really because it's the easy way to change your name. 10x Deed poll team!

Biemnet Omer, Plymouth. March 2011

My name change was a very smooth transition. I found your service most efficient and the information you offered very useful.

What I thought was going to be costly mammoth task, turned out to be quite easy and reasonable.

From a personal point of view, I have found the name change liberating.

Gregory Vera, South Yorkshire. March 2011

We were delighted with your service and speed of response. Everything concerning my son's name change was very efficently handled and timely completed.

Thank you.

Terri Simmonds, Reading. March 2011

May I offer my thanks to you and your staff.

I completed the online process and then telephoned your staff to check I had completed it all correctly. Not only was I extremely pleased with the help I received but I also received the Deep Poll the following day, complete with all the relevant information to help me inform everyone of my new name change.

Thank you so much for an excellent service.

Graham H., Swindon. February 2011

Thank you very much for my name change.

It was very quick. I received the paper work the following day through the mail and it was very simple.

Junior Masandi, Middlesbrough. February 2011

Have to say that I was impressed with the service I received.

In my case, I contacted you because I wasn't sure if I needed to make a name change, and, given past experience with Govt agencies, I was dreading the call as I thought everything would be complicated!

The operator who took my call explained really clearly and succinctly what my options were, and how each option worked - even though the deed poll change was only one option! Having decided that I'd go through with the application, she then talked me through exactly what I needed to do, and what would happen at each stage. She was very reassuring, and I felt at ease to ask any questions I had, even though some were very simple and should have been obvious!!

The whole process was very quick - I was sceptical about the speed of service I'd been promised, but the forms actually arrived quicker than your operator had stated! I was also pleasantly surprised with the cost - I had expected the cost to be quite high, again given experience with fees for things such as passport change, drivers licence etc.

I'd be happy to recommend the service.

Satisfied Customer, Bristol. January 2011

A*** Excellent service and very reasonable prices.

Have had no problems with the DVLA and Bank with my deed poll and will be using the service again in the future to change my childrenís names.

Sarah-Jane W., Cambridgeshire. January 2011

We would just like to say thank you very much for the smooth, professional and friendly way our name change was carried out. Every contact we made with your department was a pleasure and the staffs are very informed and provided an excellent customer service.

Thank you very, very much.

Emma and Valerie Smith-Lane, Sunderland. January 2011

I found the service provided excellent. The website was easy to use, all details are explained in simple easy to follow steps and my paperwork arrived the next day as advertised.

I would highly recommend this service to anyone wishing to change their name with the least amount of fuss.

Thank you for all of your help.

Sean Donnelly, London. January 2011

Changing my name was very smooth. The service was excellent and at a brilliant price too. I did not realise it was so easy to do.

Thank you so much. I compliment you on a wonderful service.

Annabelle Marie Carr, Merseyside. January 2011

I was amazed at how quick the service was!!! I applied on line but also received a phone call checking my details. A fantastic service all round.

Sarah Tolson, Barnsley. Dec 2010

Many thanks. A very prompt, and efficient service. Above and beyond the usual type of service.

I received a phone call to let me know my application had been processed and I would receive my forms in the next few days; and then extra information was included with the forms to let me know who I needed to contact with my name change and how to go about it.

Very impressed. Thank you.

Laura Mellor, Australia. December 2010

What a fantastic, affordable and easy system to use. I received my certificates within days and my name change is all complete.

Thank you.

Alison Elves, Sunderland. December 2010

It was excellent. No delay, clean and precise with accompanied detailed information to help one know where and how to use it. I was impressed. You guys are good.

Chizoba Onyia, London. December 2010

I was very very pleased with my deed poll.

I was not sure weather to apply through this website or to do the traditional method of going to a solicitor. However I did not really have time to go and make an appointment with a solicitor, go and give them my instructions and then go back to them to go sign the deed.

The UK Deed poll was very quick. I completed the online application and made the payment and I was very surprised to receive my deed and legal copies the very next day.

It was fast and efficient. I would definitely recommend using UK Deed Poll to anyone looking for easy and stress free way of obtaining a deed poll.

They are also very helpful in that they send you a list of all the possible places you may need to send your deed poll to change your name and contains useful contact information.

Thank you UK Deed Poll.

Shazia J., Tipton. December 2010

Very helpful, quick and prompt responses to email and phone calls.

Isabela De Sousa, London. November 2010

I thought the process was great.

I applied on the Sunday, by the Wednesday I had my documents and 2 weeks later everything was changed over.

Great services.

Laura, Manchester. November 2010

It went okay and was great. Everyone accepted it and it went really well.

I got it okay though the post and sent copies off to the departments and was accepted by all.

Now I have a new name!

Wolfie, Guilford. November 2010

Fast and efficient! Great service and quick delivery....would definitely recommend.

Joanne Curtismonk, Preston. November 2010

The service was very good. The docs came quickly and the name change was easy to complete. You made the process very simple.

Gerald Bristow, Wellingborough. November 2010

Extremely smooth and quick!

Lucy Brazier, Sweden. November 2010

The service we received was second to none, and we were very impressed with the speed of which our application was processed.

Rachel Lloyd, Worcestershire. November 2010

It was very smooth and came through very quickly. Easier than I thought.

Sarah Broomfield, Hampshire. October 2010

What a fantastic service!

I applied on line on a Sunday and my Deed Poll documents arrived Tuesday. The accompanying leaflet tells you all you need to know and lists every possible contact you might need plus some you won't have thought of!

The whole on-line application is extremely easy and efficient. In fact the hardest part is getting in touch with all the various government bodies and utilities etc!

Thank you very much.

Sheila B., Bedford. October 2010

My 17 year old daughter wanted to change her name by Deed Poll to my maiden name and I was put off as had heard that it was a complicated process. I researched this on the internet and came across UKDP. I rang and a lovely young lady explained what my daughter needed to do and that I could do it over the phone for her as long as she signed the Deed Poll in front of a witness.

Everything arrived in the post the next day and the information pack was invaluable as all my daughter had to do was type out the template letters to various organisations.

I highly recommend UKDP to anyone wishing to change their name as they have made something I thought to be very complicated to the easiest thing in the world.

Alison Maizey, Norwich. October 2010

Everything went smoothly, and I was happily surprised to receive the documentation from you the day after we spoke on the telephone, so thank you for acting so promptly!

Thanks again for your help.

DW, Swansea. September 2010

Amazing service!! I found the site easy to use. It took me about 10 minutes to fill in the on-line form. My documents arrived the next day!! All agencies have accepted my name change documents with no problems. Brilliant!

Elaine C., Kent. September 2010

My application was so easy to make and so quickly dealt with.

Thank you so much. I thought it was going to be a hard and complicated procedure but you made it so unbelievably smooth.

Ruth McKellar, Aberystwyth, Wales. September 2010

Name change was a smooth one. Brilliant service at a brilliant price. Did not realise it was so easy to do.

Thank You

Caroline Healy, Falkirk, Scotland. September 2010

I was extremely happy with your rapid service.

Thank you very much.

Leonilde Medina e Silva, London. September 2010

I was indeed greatly impressed by the speed and efficiency in which my Deed Poll application request was dealt with.

Your homepage is informative, incredibly concise and helpful and my telephonic enquiry given professional and precise answers to. I received my forms and name change document speedily despite the postal strike here in South Africa.

I compliment you on a wonderful service.

Marilyn Downes, S. Africa. August 2010

Just to say thank you very much for the extremely swift service; deeds ordered one morning and delivered the next.

Cannot fault the service at all and will be recommending UKDP to anyone who wants to amend their name across the various online forums I participate in.

Many thanks for such a professional service.

'satisfied customer'!, August 2010

I would like to thank you for such an easy web site and easy to use; one at that I received my papers the very next day as promised. Very fast and efficient service.

Thank you again. Keep up the good work.

Edmond R Davies-Lyons, Stevenage, Hertfordshire. August 2010

I would like to say that I am positively surprised with your excellent service.

Thank you.

Peter Soyka, London. August 2010

I could not believe how easy and quick this process was. I am so happy to be back to my maiden name!!!

Thank you.

Fiona S., Glasgow. August 2010

My name change documents were with me by the next day with thorough and helpful notes on how to use them and who to contact.

Extremely surprised at how non-stressful it was to be honest.


Jacqueline Dickson, London. August 2010

I would just like to say how please I am with the service I received.

It was easy to do online, very straight forward and I received the documents through very quickly. They look very professional and am very pleased with them and the boys are now enjoying officially being called by my family surname and we are busy making sure everyone is informed so they can amend their records accordingly.

Once again thank you for your fast and efficient service.

Sue Calladine, Bridgwater, Somerset. August 2010

Thanks so much for your professional and wonderful advice regarding my daughter's change of name.

We have successfully obtained her passport and had no problem whatsoever.

I should definitely refer others to you.

God bless.

Fayvor, Milton Keynes. August 2010

A massive thank you to UKDP. The service was fantastic. The whole process was so quick and easy and I also received my documents the very next day.

I would definitely recommend UKDP to everyone who wants to change there name.

Keep up the good work guys.

Sonia S., Leicester. July 2010

I was so impressed with the level of ease of the website. Everything was explained really well and my application was completed within one day. If all companies were like this one, it would be fantastic!

Thank you very much for a brilliant service.

IR, London. July 2010

I had no problems whatsoever with the service. I found it to be very quick and smooth process.

Denise Bennett, Altrincham, Trafford. July 2010

I should say thanks for your quick and easy service. I had my papers in only one day which is a perfect service.

Mohammad Das Boushehri, Droitwich. July 2010

Quick and easy process. Just took one day for me to receive my forms. Within two weeks my name changed in all the important documents and records without any hustle.

Excellent service and reasonable charges.

Ziona de Silva, Cyrdon. July 2010

Everything was handled very efficiently and in a timely fashion.

H., Manchester. July 2010

I was very happy with the speed and efficiency that my name change was handled. Would recommend any time.


Tracy Lawrence, Peterborough. June 2010

Thank you so much! It has been so easy for me! And it has helped me change my name everywhere really quickly!

Such a good process!

Thank you Deed Poll!

Sofia, London. June 2010

Your service was brilliant.

Very fast response.

Rienkje, London. June 2010

I was very impressed by the swift manner that my Deed Poll was handled.

The staff was very precise with the details I gave them. Their prices are Brilliant as I had been quoted a lot higher for the same service.

I would highly recommend this company for their excellence and their customer service. This company deserves the highest recommendation that can be given.


Dauun H., Southampton. June 2010

Thank you!

The change of name went through with no problem. I sent off for the passport and it was accepted, and driving licence was the same. What more can I say? Did what it said on your advert.

Carol Fleming, Leeds. May 2010

Your service was quick and handled professionally.

Many thanks.

Clinton Neville, Tameside, Greater Manchester. April 2009

I would just like to say thank you very much, for how quick & effective your service was for me to change my name.

I thought that your staff was very, very helpful when I had to phone up to ask a few queries.

Thank you for all your help.

Zaynab Hassan, Glasgow. April 2010

Thank you so much for the professional and efficient service you provided.

The documents were received in very good time and they looked very professional. The cost was much lower than I had anticipated too.

Many thanks.

Faith Nassuna, Essex. April 2010

Thank you so much for a fast and efficient service. This whole process has been much easier than I thought it would be.

Farah Rahman, London. April 2010

Just to say - a great service from start to finish. Thanks.

Joy A., West Yorkshire. April 2010

Your service was both prompt and efficient and made our name change a pleasant experience.

Within 3 days of receiving our documentation all appropriate recipients had been notified and the process completed.

Samantha & Robert H., West Sussex. April 2010

I was very impressed with how the deed poll was handled and how quickly I received it.

I recommend it for anyone who is thinking about a name change.

Victoria H., Banbridge. March 2010

The service was very fast and the deed poll looked very professional.

Worth the money for anyone wanting to change their name.

Hobden, Coventry. March 2010

I would just like to thank you for the prompt and efficient way you dealt with the request to change names for my husband, son and myself.

It was very easy and straightforward to do and I would recommend you to anyone requiring this service. Furthermore, they have been readily accepted everywhere.

Thank you again.

Adrienne Ward-Davies, Gwent. February 2010

Well I can't believe how quickly and efficiently these were done for my children, having been in a previous marriage, and the father not having contact with the children...

.. a quick telephone call to UKDP and it was done, I got all the information I needed off the lovely lady I spoke to on the phone.

I was amazingly shocked at the shortness of time it took to complete, and receive documents. Also, I got extra copies and just photo copied any others I might have needed.

Thank you so much. I have recommended you to 6 people now, whom I know will have the same experience as me. An Excellent Service assured!!

Belinda Dawson, Accrington. February 2010

I was a little worried about changing my name, and thought it might be a long and drawn out complicated process. UK Deed Poll took all of the worry out of it, sending the forms quickly and with all the instructions I needed to assist with my change of name. The list of companies to contact and sample letter were particularly useful.

Thank you for making this such an easy process.

Lizzie, Sheffield. February 2010

I am very pleased with the service provided by UKDP.

The documents arrived very quickly and I found the example letter which came with the Deed Poll particularly helpful!

All in all a very easy and stress free service.

Kenny Johnson, London. February 2010

Excellent service and advice and it went very smoothly. Paperwork for my child's change of name came through so quickly.

Thank you.

Kate Whalley, Surrey. February 2010

Changing my name via your website was simple and professional and I would recommend you to any one else changing their name.

Satwant Singh, Birmingham. February 2010

The internet service was fast and very efficient. I was able to complete all the details in my lunch hour without the hassle and expense of a solicitor!

Many thanks!

Louise R, Great Yarmouth. February 2010

I received my deed poll the day after. It was presented nicely and has been accepted by all.

I would recommend this service to anyone.

Buffy H., Stourport. February 2010

Changing my name via your website was simple and professional and I would recommend you to any one else changing their name.

Yours gratefully.

Nigel Harper, Wrexham. February 2010

I found it all very easy to do and understand. Received the forms in the post the next day, in perfect condition and accepted by all.

Many Thanks.

Emma Harding, Essex. January 2010

We are very, very happy with the friendly, helpful, service we got for our child's Deed poll application.

The service was very fast and everything was so easy and stress free. We thought it would be a difficult process to change our child£s first name to the name everyone calls him by, so thank you very much.

You have a very happy child, and now he has a passport with his correct first name, so he wont be confused in his later life, in adult hood, as to which name to write on his forms when needed.

Thank you very much

Christina L., Birmingham. January 2010

It was so easy to change our names.

I would definitely use this company again, if needed.

Excellent service. Only took a matter of days.

Lynette & Nick Devereaux, Rochester. January 2010

I have to say that when it comes to service in today's world, its very hard to find excellent and prompt service.

The UK Deed Poll was very prompt with their great speedy service.

I would recommend UK Deed Poll to my friends and family if they ever want to get their name changed.

Thank you.

Norma Cruse-Matthews, Hammersmith, London. November 2009

Thank you for the opportunity to feedback.

I was very pleased with the speed and efficiency with which my application was handled. There was a delivery problem, which was due to no fault of yours as my application coincided with the London postal strikes. However, when I contacted you to say that my deed poll had not turned up, you speedily reissued it. I was extremely grateful for that. A little later, the lost ones turned up when the postal strikes abated, and I duly returned them to you.

At all times, your customer services were completely efficient and customer oriented.

Thank you. You have helped my transition process to be much easier.

Carol Trinder, W. Hampstead, London. October 2009

I wish to notify and thank you for my deed poll.

The change of name was smooth and successful.

Once again thank you so much. Your customer service is excellent.

Tony Ufuah, London. October 2009

Excellent service, very speedy too!!

I now have my life back on track thanks to you thank you, will highly recommend you to anyone who requires it!!

Diane, Cromer, Norfolk. September 2009

I am delighted with the speed and efficiency that I've experienced with my recent name change. It's something that I've wanted to do for about ten years but I've always put it in the 'too hard basket'. If only I'd known how easy it was going to be I would have done it so much sooner.

I've had one or two minor problems in Australia as some institutions don't recognise the Deed Poll document but it's been easy enough to get around. So Many thanks. Cheers!

Elwin Button, New South Wales, Australia. September 2009

I was positively surprised how fast and easy the change of name was. Also all offices accepted the deed poll. No problems what so ever.

I can only recommend your service, and encourage people, who want to change their name to know, that UK Deed Poll is really easy, smooth and very friendly.

Tonya Hountingwolf Billington, Staines, Middlesex. September 2009

I really appreciated the way that the application was handled.

It was completely stress free and the documents were delivered promptly. It has saved us a lot of stress.

Muhammed Khalid, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. August 2009

I found your service very professional and efficient. The information provided made the whole process so easy.

Thank you very much.

Sarah E King, Ashford, Kent. August 2009

What I thought was going to be a complex process, turned out to be straightforward.

The customer service team were very helpful and the additional information enclosed with the deed poll application was clear and useful.

Sandra Hatt, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire. August 2009

In three words, the process was Easy, Quick and Efficient. It all went smoothly and all organisations accepted the change of name by Deed Poll.

Stephanos, Durham. August 2009

If all administrative actions were as well organized as my Deed Poll change, the UK would be a better place!

Bravo and many thanks.

Peter Sanderson, Cardiff, South Wales. July 2009

This was an unbelievably smooth and reliable service and a totally pleasant surprise that it was so quick, efficient and straightforward.

Rachel Harrison, Camden, London. July 2009

A lot easier than I thought it would be. Many thanks for that. Transgender process can be very daunting at times especially when support is minimal.

Andy, Bathgate, West Lothian. July 2009

I can safely say that your service was excellent.

I applied for deed poll certificates for myself, my husband and our daughter. Your instructions were very clear and at no time was I unsure what you were asking of me. I think that within 4 days, as we live in Cyprus, our certificates were delivered to our door.

You service was quick, clean and efficient compared to the service I received from the British High Commission in Nicosia, which was very disappointing.

Sarah Christodoulou, Larnaca, Cyprus. July 2009

Everything went very smoothly and we have used the deeds generated to obtain a new passport for Rosie.

Would certainly recommend your service.

David Twaddell, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. July 2009

The Deed Poll name change was incredibly uncomplicated and you made the whole application very easy.

Thank you for your help and the follow up, very efficient.

Sue Short, Swansea, South Wales. July 2009

The service and instructions on how to use the Deed Poll application was excellent and easy to follow. Within three days, I received all the paper work and copies ordered, which I was very surprised as I thought it would take days to do.

I would definitely use this site again if need be and recommend it to other people.

Stella Coley, Grimsby, South Humberside. July 2009

Yes, thank you. It was good to have the worry taken away.

My application was handled very well indeed and I would like to thank Laura for all the help she gave to me at that time. I was under a lot of stress worrying about how I could get this sorted out and it was all done over the phone in minutes and it was such a relief to hear this.

It was so nice to be able to speak to someone who understood and willing to help and this was done with professionalism.

Sandy McIntyre, Redhill, Surrey

Thanks for being really helpful it was really easy to change my daughters surname and I thought it was going to be hard.

It has changed so many things in now she has the same name as my partner.

ERB, Mielan Proche, France. June 2009

The service I received was 100%.

Helen Harris, Banstead, Surrey. June 2009

Excellent service I found the service extremely efficient.

The website is very straightforward to use and I got all my documents within two weeks. Please keep it up.

Folasade Johnson, Manchester, Lancashire. June 2009

It was handled quickly and efficiently. Did the application on line and I had the name change within 24 hours. The site was very user friendly.

With everything else going on at the time this made my life so much easier. Thank You!

Jennifer, Spalding, Lincolnshire. June 2009

The change over was smooth-ish! The various organisations I had to inform was time consuming but got there in the end. There were a few problems but it came down to basic communication or lack of it really. I still get the odd organisation referring to my old name, but once I've jogged their memory and they check their records we get back on track again.

In general though, I was very happy to use UK DEED POLL and would recommend this organisation to any one wishing to change their name. My mother is contemplating using you to revert back to her maiden name, so watch this space.

Once again, thank you.

Lexa F. Richards, Middlesex, London. May 2009

Your service was excellent - so easy and quick to do and very quick to come through. Also the list of places to notify was very helpful.

I am glad I chose you to sort it out.

Victoria Standen, Andover, Hampshire. May 2009

Changing my 3 sons names was a very smooth experience! It was also a very quick one!

I was surprised at how easy it was to do, and all the steps were explained clearly. Much less hassle than I had anticipated, I just wish I'd done it sooner! My children are now happy with the name they have :-)

Emma, Bordon, Hampshire. May 2009

I would like to thank you for an efficient, rapid service.

Laura was extremely helpful and enclosed further information regarding changing my children£s surname, enclosing relevant court papers with my poll. Laura told me I was welcome to call back with any further queries I may have. I feel she went way above the call of duty.

I am extremely impressed with how quick and simple the whole process was made by your company and I would certainly recommend UKDP to anyone.

Once again, thank you so much. All good wishes

C.C., Kent. April 2009

I thought the deed poll was very efficient and I had no problems using this service.

The change of my name was so quick and easy, there was nothing negative about this service at all.

Zahnub Aslam, Manchester. April 2009

The lady from Customer Service was so helpful and friendly and ensured the process was quick and problem free.

Many Thanks

Su Buckley, Speke, Liverpool. February 2009

I am writing to let you know we were very pleased with the smooth handling of our deed poll application.

Staff were very helpful taking into account all of our needs.

We were very satisfied with the service.

S Swan, Bournemouth, Dorset. February 2009

Changing my children's names was the best and easiest thing I have done.

UKDP's website answered all my questions beforehand and was easy to use. So quick and simple.

The deed poll has been accepted in all the necessary places.

Big thumbs up.

Rhonda, London. January 2009

Thank you all for a smooth and very helpful service. Each phone call to your organisation was handled efficiently and with accuracy in information by very helpful and friendly staff.

Alana, London. November 2008

The service that you provided was most fluid and faultless. Emily now has her own British passport and is looking forward to her first holiday as Emily Kim Jilks.

Carl Jilks, Bristol. November 2008

I was very happy with your speedy service and had no problems at all.

Thank you.

Donna Mitchell, Oswestry, Shropshire. November 2008

Just to let you know everything has been fine since the change - we have had no problems at all. Everyone has changed their names with no problems.

I would like to thank you so much for all your help. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. We are much happier since the name changed as I no longer get called by my old married name.

Once again thank you.

Kim Hay, Kent. November 2008

I found the services of UKDP extremely efficient. Everything on the website was 'user-friendly' and my name change was a very quick procedure.

I would have no trouble in recommending your services to my colleagues.

Thanking you.

Tefnut Huntress Asante, Greenwich, London. October 2008

After what I thought was going to be a really hard process, actually applying to have my sons named changed via deed poll was a really easy and he is now the proud owner of his new passport.

Stuart Snape, Cornwall. October 2008

The service I received was smooth and professional, thank you.

Danny, Peterborough. October 2008

The name change went very smoothly. It was a relief to have it all done so quickly and easily. The letter template you supplied was very helpful, thank you.

Toni Scott, Greenwich, London. September 2008

Excellent service. Could not believe how quickly the documents were dispatched after making my initial application.

Also additional information held on site made notifying all necessary parties a stress free exercise.

Thank-you for your assistance and well done!

Anne Douglas, Weymouth, Dorset. September 2008

My husband, son and I applied to UK Deed Polls over the internet on July 29th 2008. We paid the reasonable fees and within two to three days, our surnames were changed.

It was a fantastic relief to us that this process was so simple and speedy. We are very grateful to the company and would recommend this fast and effective process to anyone who needs this great service.

Andrew and Kelly Molyneux, Deeside, Clwyd. August 2008

I was very happy with the service provided and don't think you could improve on what was a very efficient service.

Thank you

Adam Evans-Toyne, Hampshire. August 2008

Just to say thank you for the wonderful service you're offering. Everything went smoothly no questions asked. Keep the good work up!

Harriet Wakooli, Mitcham, Greater London. August 2008

Thank you for replying so promptly to my application and all the documentation was received faster than I thought it would! The service was without fault!

Thank you very much.

Ms H Borowiec, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. August 2008

When I changed my daughter's name it was really easy to do, and the instructions were easy to follow. I was really pleased that everything was all sorted within a shot space of time!! Thank-you.

Faye Baxtor, Rugely, Staffordshire. July 2008

The change of name procedure organised by UK Deed Poll was indeed a very smooth process and relatively inexpensive thing to do. I wholeheartedly recommend UK Deed Poll and your service to everyone and anyone who wishes to change their name in this way.

Obviously, the most difficult part of the process involved informing all the different agencies by letter telling them that my name had changed for example Mortgage provider, Gas and electricity companies etc.

Happily, this has all been done and accepted and now I am enjoying being known by my new name.

Thank you very much for providing such an excellent and "painless" service.

Best and kindest regards

Michelle Murphy-Nichols, Addlestone, Surrey. July 2008

Changing my son's name was definitely a lot easier than I thought. Someone did have to ring me to clarify a few things but they were polite and made me feel at ease. So on the whole all I can say is your service is fantastic!!!!!

Thank you.

Debbie, Dudley, West Midlands. January 2008

What Our Clients Say...

I received a fantastic service. Filled the forms in online Monday at 4pm and received the Deed Polls the very next day. Went straight to children's school, then doctors and had their names changed there and then.

We are all overjoyed and never realised it was so easy. Thanks so much

Michelle Eden, Norwich. September 2012

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