General Deed Poll questions

Do I need to inform everyone that my name has changed?

Yes. When you sign your Deed Poll you make two declarations:

A comprehensive list of government departments, companies and organisations that you need to notify is included in the guide that will come with your Deed Poll.

If I change my name by Deed Poll will my credit rating be affected?

No. When you complete any application form for a loan / credit card etc, you will be asked if you have ever been known by a former name. Once you have disclosed your former name, all of your credit history can be accessed. Also, when you notify your personal bank of your name change, they will notify credit reference agencies. 

I have lost my original Deed Poll. How can I get a replacement?

If you did not order your previous Deed Poll document through us the only thing you can do is apply for another Deed Poll to be drafted up for you to act as a replacement.  You can apply for this online.  When filling in the application you should enter your former name in the current name space and your current name in the new name space. This is so we can replicate the name change shown on your lost Deed Poll document.

If you did order your previous Deed Poll with us see our page on lost Deed Polls.

Which documents can you not change to your new name? 

There are certain documents that can never be changed because they are historical records which were correct at the time they were issued. The documents that you cannot change are:

Is there a central government office that holds a copy of my Deed Poll? 

A Deed Poll can be enrolled in the Central Office of the Supreme Court, however this is not compulsory and is very rarely done. It is not necessary to do so as you can just keep the deed to produce as evidence of a change of name if required.   

There is no time limit in which a Deed Poll may be enrolled and it can be cancelled at any time.  If a client is married, a copy of the marriage certificate and her/his partner's consent is required by the Central Office of the Supreme Court in order for a Deed Poll to be enrolled.  When a Deed Poll is enrolled the change of name is also advertised in the London Gazette.

A Deed Poll can only be enrolled by British, British Dependent Territories, British Overseas or Commonwealth citizens and British subjects who are permanently resident in the United Kingdom.

Whilst enrolling a Deed Poll provides safe custody of the documents, due to the additional costs involved only a very small percentage of Deed Polls is ever enrolled. 

Is a Deed Poll accepted as proof of a name change all over the UK?

Yes. Although a Deed Poll is an English legal document, it is recognised by all UK government departments, companies and organisations. For more information see our page What is a Deed Poll?

I am a British citizen living abroad. Can I apply for a change of name by Deed Poll?

Yes. Once you receive your Deed Poll, take it to your nearest British consular office and you will be able to obtain a new British passport. You can then use your new passport to get any documents and records changed in the country in which you live. See name change for British Citizens abroad.

I have dual nationality. Will a Deed Poll get both passports I hold reissued in my new name? 

Our Deed Polls are guaranteed to get your British passport reissued in your new name. Whether or not your other passport will be able to be changed will depend on the issuing country. We recommend you contact the passport section of the country's embassy before applying.

What is the difference between a Statutory Declaration and a Deed Poll? 

A Statutory Declaration is a legal statement that records your intention to use a new name.

All Statutory Declarations must be signed by you in your new name and witnessed either by a solicitor (other than the one who prepared the statutory declaration) or a Justice of the Peace (JP). Solicitors charge for drawing up and witnessing statutory declarations as well as for signing them which makes this method a more costly way of changing your name than a Deed Poll. 

If there is anything you are still unsure about please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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Thank you very much.

Sheila B., Bedford. October 2010

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Our Deed Polls are accepted by all UK government departments including UK Passport Service, DVLA and HM Revenue and Customs

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