Lost Deed Poll Documents

If you have lost your original Deed Poll document, what you do next will depend on how you went about your name change.

If you did not order your Deed Poll with us

If you did not order your Deed Poll with us we will have no record of your name change. The only thing you can do is apply for a new Deed Poll to replace your original one. The quickest way to do this is by filling in an application form online after which you should receive your new Deed Poll in a matter of days. When entering your details remember that you are replicating your lost Deed Poll so when asked for your current name you will need to give us your previous name even if you have not used this name for some time.

Your new Deed Poll can be used to notify organisations of your name change and will be accepted by all organisations as proof of it. If you have already notified the relevant authorities of your name change using your original Deed Poll you may simply want to keep the replacement safe for future use.

If you ordered your Deed Poll with us

If you ordered your Deed Poll document with us we may hold a copy of your document in our archives. This will depend on when you ordered the Deed Poll.

If you ordered your Deed Poll with us before February 2009

If your Deed Poll application was made with us before February 2009, when our archiving service changed, please read Applications made before February 2009.

If you ordered your Deed Poll with us after February 2009

For those who applied for their Deed Poll with us after February 2009, your document will automatically have been archived with us. This means that after your application was completed a copy of your Deed Poll document was saved in our archives.

Therefore if you require a replacement Deed Poll, or simple want to notify organisations of your name change more quickly, you can fill in the online application and we can send out the required number in the post.

When you receive these additional copies, they will need to executed in the same way that the original document was since we hold no record of your signature or witness's details, and will simply be providing you with a new document. Once complete, you can use these additional copies in the same way that you would use the original. They will be accepted by all organisations and departments as proof of your change of name.

Please note that if you did not order your Deed Poll with us we hold no record of your name change and the service described above will not be available to you.

If you had you Deed Poll enrolled

When changing your name by Deed Poll it is possible to have the document enrolled. Enrolling your Deed Poll is a voluntary procedure and a costly one which is why very few people go through the process. It involves a copy of your Deed Poll being lodged in the Enrolment Books of the Supreme Court and a notice of your name change being published in the London Gazette.

If you have had your Deed Poll enrolled, which as mentioned above is unlikely, you may be able to obtain a copy of it either from the Supreme Court, or if five years or more have passed, from the National Archives at Kew in Richmond, Surrey.

However, even those who have had their Deed Poll enrolled often choose to simply apply for a replacement with us. This saves the time and inconvenience of having to search for the stored copy.

To change your name...

  1. Fill in our online application form
  2. Receive your Deed Poll in the post
  3. Sign and date your Deed Poll
  4. Update records into your new name

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I used your service to change my name so that it could be double-barrelled after getting married. The process was quite straight forward. I have already managed to change my name at the bank using the Deed Poll I ordered from you and it was accepted with no problems.

Thank you for doing all the hard work printing out the documents and supplying useful extra information and guidelines along with the documents, it made the whole process of changing name a fast, smooth and easy one.

Lisa Sear, Hertfordshire. August 2014

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Our Deed Polls are accepted by all UK government departments including UK Passport Service, DVLA and HM Revenue and Customs

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