Age restrictions

Any person can apply to change their name by Deed Poll no matter what their age is. The only thing that will be affected is whether the application is made for an adult or for a child Deed Poll.

Adults (over 18 years of age)

Any adult can apply to change their name by Deed Poll. No consent is required, parental or otherwise. The only condition that must be fulfilled is that the name change must not be carried out for fraudulent purposes.

The Deed Poll document will then be accepted by all organisations, including the Identity and Passport Office, as evidence of their change of name and records will be updated accordingly.

Children aged 16 to 18

Children between the age of 16 and 18, must apply for their own Adult Deed Poll, and do not need to seek the consent of those holding parental responsibility for them.

In the same way that an adult would, they must sign the Deed Poll themselves and have this signing witnessed. They can then proceed to get all of their records updated, including the name on their passport. This is done by sending out the Deed Poll document to the relevant departments

Children under the age of 16

For children under the age of 16, a person holding parental responsibility for the child must apply for the Deed Poll. In order for the document to be accepted by professional bodies such as the passport office, it is necessary for all those holding parental responsibility to give their consent to the name change.

The permission of children under 16 does not need to be obtained for a change of name. However, if a child objects to the change, it is possible for them to apply for a court order to prevent the change. The court will only accept if it is satisfied that the child has a full understanding of what is involved.

For more information on issues involved in changing the name of a child please read:

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The operator who took my call explained really clearly and succinctly what my options were, and how each option worked - even though the deed poll change was only one option! Having decided that I'd go through with the application, she then talked me through exactly what I needed to do, and what would happen at each stage. She was very reassuring, and I felt at ease to ask any questions I had, even though some were very simple and should have been obvious!!

The whole process was very quick - I was sceptical about the speed of service I'd been promised, but the forms actually arrived quicker than your operator had stated! I was also pleasantly surprised with the cost - I had expected the cost to be quite high, again given experience with fees for things such as passport change, drivers licence etc.

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Satisfied Customer, Bristol. January 2011

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Our Deed Polls are accepted by all UK government departments including UK Passport Service, DVLA and HM Revenue and Customs

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