Change a child's surname from that of an absent father

Upon registering a child's birth it is common practice for a child to be given their father's surname (regardless of whether their mother also uses it). This is especially the case for families in which the father is playing an active role.

However, if at some point during the child's upbringing their father ceases to be involved with them many mothers choose to change their children's surnames from their fathers to their own.

This can only be done if all those holding Parental Responsibility for the child give their consent. This can be a problem if a father holds parental responsibility but cannot be contacted. For further information on this read our section on absent fathers with parental responsibility. If you fail to contact the child's father or simply cannot gain his consent you can apply for a court order to change yours child's name.

If consent is gained or if the mother has sole parental responsibility for her child, it is simply a matter of applying for a Deed Poll. Once the Deed Poll has been executed, records holding the child's details can be updated and the new surname can start to be used immediately.

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I was very pleased with the speed and efficiency with which my application was handled. There was a delivery problem, which was due to no fault of yours as my application coincided with the London postal strikes. However, when I contacted you to say that my deed poll had not turned up, you speedily reissued it. I was extremely grateful for that. A little later, the lost ones turned up when the postal strikes abated, and I duly returned them to you.

At all times, your customer services were completely efficient and customer oriented.

Thank you. You have helped my transition process to be much easier.

Carol Trinder, W. Hampstead, London. October 2009

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Our Deed Polls are accepted by all UK government departments including UK Passport Service, DVLA and HM Revenue and Customs

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