Changing the name on your child's passport

The Identity and Passport Service is one of the key record holders you will need to notify of your child's change of name. Since the name entered on their passport should always match their legal name, it is important that your child's passport is amended to show their new name.

Notifying the Identity and Passport Office

Your child's Deed Poll will be accepted by the Identity and Passport Office as proof of their change of name. However, a photocopied version of the document will not be sufficient - you must enclose either the original or Certified Copy. Further information on the Certified Copies we can provide is included in your Deed Poll pack.

Parental Responsibility

Before changing the name on your child's passport it is obligatory that you gain consent from all those holding parental responsibility for the child to do so. For more information on this subject please read our page on Parental Responsibility. The Passport Office will require not only a Deed Poll but also a written letter of consent signed by all those with parental responsibility before issuing a new passport. For template letters to send to the Passport Office see our page Example Letters of Consent.

Under special circumstances, if you cannot gain the consent of one of the persons holding parental responsibility, it is still possible to have your child's passport updated. Further information on this can be found on our page Obtaining a Court Order.

Applying to amend your child's passport

In order to apply to change the name on your child's passport the Identity and Passport Office advise you to call their Adviceline on 0300 222 0000.

New Passport

If you currently have your child included on your passport he/she cannot be included on your new passport. In the past babies and children could be included on a parent or guardian's passport. The law has now changed and babies and children up to 16 who are not already on a parent's or guardian's passport must have their own child passport if they are going to travel abroad. Therefore you will need to apply for a child passport on his/her behalf.

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