Changing your name upon divorce

Following a divorce many people feel the need for a fresh start and one way of initiating this is by a change of name.

Women reverting to their maiden names

Women who have followed the tradition of adopting their husbands surname upon marriage often wish to revert to their maiden name following a divorce. A decree absolute, along with a marriage certificate (showing a woman's name before marriage), will be sufficient documentary evidence to complete the name change. These should be sent off to the relevant departments and all records can be updated including those with the Identity and Passport Office.

If problems arise when trying to change your name with these documents, or if you do not have one of these documents to hand, you may find it more convenient to execute a change of name by Deed Poll. 

Women changing their name to something other than their maiden name or changing other names

If a woman chooses to change her surname to anything other than her maiden name it must be done by Deed Poll. This is also the case if you choose to alterations to other parts of your name. This kind of name change can be done by Deed Poll in the usual manner. Any part of your name can be changed - forenames, surname, the spelling of current names etc. You may also wish to execute a change of title which can be incorporated into your Deed Poll. This can be indicated when the application form for a Deed Poll document is completed.

Women changing their name before the Divorce has been finalised

If a woman decides to change her name before the divorce is finalised she can do so through the use of a Deed Poll. After receiving and executing the Deed Poll, it can be sent off to all of the relevant departments whose records need to be updated to show the new name.

Changing your name before a divorce has been finalised should not affect any future divorce proceedings.

Changing children's names

Some people choose to change their children's names after they have undergone a change of surname. They may want their child's surname to match their own, or want a double-barrelled name incorporating both parents' surnames. Either way, this process must be done by Deed Poll. In order to change a child's name, permission from all parental guardians is required. To find out more read our page on Changing a child's name.

Men changing their name after divorce

Double barrelling or combining a couples surnames upon marriage is becoming increasingly popular. Because of this, men often find themselves using a part of their wife's maiden name after marriage, and therefore, after divorce.

Men wishing to revert to their names before marriage upon divorce will need to execute a Deed Poll document. Problems would arise if a man attempted to use the decree absolute (in the same way that a woman can to revert to her maiden name), as many organisations would not be happy to accept it as proof of a name change.

By applying for a Deed Poll all documents, including passports, can be updated to show a persons new name(s).

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My 17 year old daughter wanted to change her name by Deed Poll to my maiden name and I was put off as had heard that it was a complicated process. I researched this on the internet and came across UKDP. I rang and a lovely young lady explained what my daughter needed to do and that I could do it over the phone for her as long as she signed the Deed Poll in front of a witness.

Everything arrived in the post the next day and the information pack was invaluable as all my daughter had to do was type out the template letters to various organisations.

I highly recommend UKDP to anyone wishing to change their name as they have made something I thought to be very complicated to the easiest thing in the world.

Alison Maizey, Norwich. October 2010

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