Same sex partners sharing a surname

Same sex partners may want to share the same surname. In any relationship, having both partners operating under the same surname is the most convenient option when making financial, legal and social agreements. For example, if Jane Parker formed a civil partnership with Sarah Jones, they may choose to use Sarah's name. They would then be addressed as Jane Jones and Sarah Jones. The process of the name change differs depending on whether the couple are civil partners or not.

If couples form a civil partnership a Deed Poll is not necessary for them to share a surname. Similar to a marriage, the civil partnership certificate along with a covering letter explaining exactly what name change is required is all that is needed. Records can then be updated to show that each partner uses the same surname.

For same sex couples who have not formed a civil partnership a Deed Poll will be needed to change any names. Once you have applied for, and received the Deed Poll document, you must sign and date it, and have this signing witnessed. You can then proceed to notify all organisations containing records of you, of your change of name, by sending off the completed Deed Poll document to them.

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UK deed Poll did an outstanding job for me.

I was a bit worried as I was told I had to go see a solicitor and we all know their services are not cheap. In fact a friend of mine paid 150 using a solicitor. UK Deed Poll explained everything in simple English and they are very efficient. I made the application on Friday night and on Tuesday I received the paper work.

No hassles, straight forward and they even give you a list of organisations you need to contact and a standard sample letter as well. I will most definitely recommend them.

Thank you so much.

Vinvy Freeman, Luton. February 2013

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Our Deed Polls are accepted by all UK government departments including UK Passport Service, DVLA and HM Revenue and Customs

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