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Stephen's story

My parents split up when I was a toddler, and though I still had my father's surname, I spent the next 19 years of my life living with my mother and her family. My contact with my father's side was limited at best, so upon leaving school I felt it was appropriate to change my surname to reflect the family I had spent my childhood with.

In some ways the change was an easy one; I had been using my mother's name as an alias for several years already and therefore had no difficulty adjusting to it. The task of notifying every single organisation I had involvement with was a daunting one however, but after ordering several certified copies of my deed poll I found the process much faster.

UKDP itself was very prompt in sending my Deed Poll, and most public organisations such as the DVLA and Passport Service were quick to process the change and return my documents. It was very helpful that some private organisations required only a simple phone call to have my records updated; thus eliminating the need for time consuming postal correspondence.

I was less than impressed however by the service provided by a handful of companies I had dealings with however, who only acknowledged my change of name and returned documents after repeated phone calls and emails. One failed to return my certifed copy at all; claiming it was company policy to shred customer's personal documents!

Although it took over a month to finish notifying everyone, this was more to do with the speed of the Post Office than anything else and I found the process itself rather straightforward; the same covering letter could be sent each time with only minor amendments to suit each recipricant.

Almost six months on I have absolutely no regrets about changing my name; I now feel like the person I was meant to be and am no longer the 'odd name out' amongst my family, plus I feel a sense of pride each time I sign my signature. Everything I needed to do to make the change, from applying for the Deed Poll itself to writing covering letters was helpfully explained on the Deed Poll UK website and supporting correspondence, and I thus found the process smooth with exceptional service!

Stephen Brassington

Bognor Regis, West Sussex
January 2008

Joanna's story

I was very pleased with being able to change my name! I had thought about doing it for years already but had simply not got around to it. Thank you for your help in doing this!

I was encouraged to make the effort when I was marrying for the second time recently - as most people have known me as 'Joanna' most of my life and certainly all of my teens and adult life - and guests at the Ceremony (had I not changed my first name) might have wondered 'Who is Joan'?!

It's quite a bit of work notifying all the people/companies who have my previous names, but most importantly, I have successfully changed my passport to my new name, along with my driving licence, Pension, National Health, Bank - in fact all the significant ones and the rest I am notifying slowly! I decided it would be easier if I had more than one copy of Deed Change of Name and I applied to you for extra copies which you supplied very quickly. Again thank you!

It would seem that I am not unique in changing a name as I heard on a BBC 4 programme recently that 16,000 people had changed their names last year!

Thank you for your efficient service in enabling me to do this.


Joanna (at last now official!)

Skelmersdale, Lancashire
January 2008


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My name change was so smooth and easy; within a week everyone that needed to be informed was informed, and forms and copies that you sent out to me were easy to understand.

The quickest service I have ever experienced.

Thank you again.

Victoria B., Dorset. May 2012

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