Changing your child's name on other records

When you have executed your child's Deed Poll you will need to send it to all organisations whose records need to be updated. It is important that all departments are notified since one of the declarations within the Deed Poll document is that your child will use their new name 'at all times'.

To help speed up the process of notifying organisations of your child's name change we can provide you with additional copies of the Deed Poll. More information on this service can be found below.

When notifying organisations, in addition to your child's Deed Poll document, you will often need to enclose a letter of consent. This should confirm that all persons holding parental responsibility for your child have given their consent to the name change. For example, professional record holders such as the passport office require such a letter before changing their records to show your child's new name. Example letters of consent can be found on our page Letters of Consent.

Listed below are some of the key organisations you may need to advise of your child's change of name. The information pack that is provided with the Deed Poll document contains a more comprehensive list, together with notes about what you need to do for each. 

Documents on which your child's name cannot be changed

When changing a child's name there are very few documents on which your child's name cannot be changed. Names entered on educational certificates cannot be altered since they are ‘matter of fact' documents. In other words, at the time that they were issued that were correct. However, due to the nature of Deed Poll applications children's Deed Polls are only issue to those under sixteen years of age, most of whom have not received any GCSE or similar educational certificates.

The other document on which your child's name cannot usually be changed is a birth certificate. Again, at the time that it was issued it held the correct information. However, under certain circumstances, and depending on where the birth was registered, it is possible to re-register a child's birth, in which case the name on the child's birth certificate can be changed. For more information please read Changing a name on a Birth Certificate.

Additional copies of your child's Deed Poll

Certain organisations that you will need to notify of your child's name change will not accept a photocopy of their Deed Poll. An example of such a department is the Identity and Passport Office. Further information on what kind of document to send each record holder will be included in the information pack that you receive with your child's Deed Poll.

Sending out one document to a number of organisations can be a slow and tedious process. To help update your child's records more efficiently we can provide you with additional copies of the Deed Poll which will be accepted by all organisations.

If you decide to have additional copies of your child's Deed Poll prepared you can order them when filling in the application form for your child's Deed Poll.

You will then receive however many copies you require at the same time as the original document. If at a later date you require further copies this can easily be arranged. Similarly, if you were to lose your child's Deed Poll, we could send you a replacement which would save you going through the application process for a second time. Using additional copies to notify organisations of your child's name change allows you to complete the process much faster.

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