Changing your name on other records 

Once you have executed your Deed Poll you will need to notify all organisations and departments that you have changed your name. It is important that all of your records are updated since one of the declarations that you make when signing the Deed Poll document is that you will use your new name 'at all times'.

The average person needs to notify 30 to 40 organisations when changing their name in order to get their records or documents updated to show their new name. 

Listed below are some of the key organisations you need to advise of your change of name. The information pack that is provided with your Deed Poll document contains a more comprehensive list together with notes about what you need to do for each. 

Documents on which your name cannot be changed

There are several kinds of documents on which you cannot have your name changed. These are listed below.

The reason that these cannot be changed is that they are all 'matter of fact' documents. This means that at the time that they were issued they were correct.  

Additional copies of your Deed Poll

Organisations that you will need to notify of your name change include the Identity and Passport Service, the DVLA and other financial institutions. Such bodies will not accept a photocopy of your Deed Poll and will need to see either the original document, or a legal copy.

When filling in the application form for your Deed Poll you will be given the option to receiving additional copies. You can apply to have as many additional copies as you like and will receive them at the same time as your original Deed Poll in the post.

Using more than one document allows you to notify organisations of your name change much faster as you can change your records with numerous departments at the same time.

To change your name...

  1. Fill in our online application form
  2. Receive your Deed Poll in the post
  3. Sign and date your Deed Poll
  4. Update records into your new name

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