What is a Deed Poll?

A Deed Poll is a legal document that binds an individual to a particular course of action. The most common use of a Deed Poll is to change a name, which has resulted in it being the widely recognised name for the legal document that enables you to do so officially.

It is more formally known as a 'Deed of Change of Name', but the term Deed Poll is more commonly used throughout the United Kingdom. A Deed Poll, or Deed of Change of Name, commits a person who executes it to the following actions:

When a Deed Poll document has been drawn up it must be executed. This simply means that it is signed and dated and that the signing and dating is witnessed. The person that witnesses the actions must meet the following requirements:

A suitable witness could be a friend, a colleague or a neighbour.

A change of name becomes effective as soon as your Deed Poll is executed. It can then be used to get documents and records updated into your new name.

The meaning of "Deed Poll"

Strictly speaking a Deed Poll is not a legal contract, since it binds only one person rather than two or more parties. The second way that it differs from a legal contract is that it expresses an intention rather than a promise.

The term Deed is common to signed, written agreements that have been shown to all concerned parties. Poll is an old legal term referring to official documents that had edges cut (or 'polled') so that they were straight.

The function of a Deed Poll

By Deed Poll, you can choose to change forenames, surnames, and middle names as well as being able to add and remove names. You can also rearrange current forenames or alter spellings. You can choose to change your name to almost anything, although there are several basic conditions that your new name must meet

Both adult's and children's names can be changed. However, to change a child's name who is under 16 years of age, a person holding parental responsibility for them must apply and all those with parental responsibility must give their consent to the name change.

Once executed a Deed Poll will enable you to formally change your name on official records such as your passport, driving licence, tax and National Insurance records, bank and credit cards, etc. You must ensure that you notify all organisations and departments that hold your details, of your name change, since one of the declarations within the Deed Poll is to use your new name at all times.

Your birth certificate, marriage certificate and educational certificates cannot be changed because these documents are "matter of fact". This means that they were correct at the time that they were issued. However, under certain circumstances it is possible to change the name on a child's birth certificate.

Dealing with us directly means that you do not need to visit a solicitor to change your name.

To change your name...

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  4. Update records into your new name

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Have to say that I was impressed with the service I received.

In my case, I contacted you because I wasn't sure if I needed to make a name change, and, given past experience with Govt agencies, I was dreading the call as I thought everything would be complicated!

The operator who took my call explained really clearly and succinctly what my options were, and how each option worked - even though the deed poll change was only one option! Having decided that I'd go through with the application, she then talked me through exactly what I needed to do, and what would happen at each stage. She was very reassuring, and I felt at ease to ask any questions I had, even though some were very simple and should have been obvious!!

The whole process was very quick - I was sceptical about the speed of service I'd been promised, but the forms actually arrived quicker than your operator had stated! I was also pleasantly surprised with the cost - I had expected the cost to be quite high, again given experience with fees for things such as passport change, drivers licence etc.

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Satisfied Customer, Bristol. January 2011

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Our Deed Polls are accepted by all UK government departments including UK Passport Service, DVLA and HM Revenue and Customs

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